Parihaka, New Zealand: Celebrating Nonviolence on November 5th, not Guy Fawkes!

20171009_202214On  October 10th  I demonstrated with many others at Wellington NZ’z West Pac, ‘Cake Tin’  stadium against a big Arms Fair, meeting a Maori gardener from Parihaka village, where in 1881 villagers used nonviolent resistance against soldiers imposing a land grab. Coincidentally, I’d also met Doris Zuur who had given me a delicious wholemeal loaf of  bread, who told me how the Parihaka villagers had greeted the soldiers with gifts of 500 loaves, and the children had given flowers. She wanted to create an alternative 5 November Festival.
Doris said that the inspiration for Parihaka came mostly from those two sources
and it resulted in our “Bread baking festival of Sharing”, see here

Her current main project is to ponder over holistic adult education, as an individual self created/self responsible life long learning journey that is well supported in community, as describe here:

Toru Education is all very small and simple, see and she likes it that way. If there is a way that it wants to grow in a truly sustainable way, she will let it grow and if it wants to stay small and simple, that is also fine with her.
A green shoot from New Zealand!

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