Beyond Future Shock and Building Commonweal

Landing in New York on the 1st November, I have been giving lectures on Building Common weal, and how to build a Common wealth society, drawing on Rudolf Steiner’s social threefolding.

So I was shocked, though not surprised at hearing of the Trump victory in New Hampshire on the 9th. Not surprised because I had already met several pumped up Trump supporters, who reminded me of the passion  of the Brexit supporters. Saddened, as I had met many Clinton and Bernie supporters who had worked hard to make a difference. And one New York waitress told me the story of how Trump’s Atlantic City Casino bankruptcy had badly affected hundreds of small business contractors, including her father….

This is a turning point for the USA, and maybe the world order, a hundred years on from 1917 when the USA entered the First World War so decisively.

A friend, Barton Kunstler, wrote this article, which is worth reading

And Sarah Churchwell wrote on 10th November in the Financial Times:

This was an election carried largely on spite, which is no basis for a system of governance. Too many of our reactions have become infantile, and the leader America just chose exemplifies the worst of that infantilism: howling selfishness, preening narcissism, deathless ignorance.

So first we must grow up. And the most important lesson America must teach itself again is  that tolerance, progress, compassion, equality, security, even the common bloody decency that has been trampled in the gutter during this filthy election campaign, are not trophies we win. We used to speak of the commonweal, common well being…. Any attempt to build a commonweal, a greater good rather than merely greater wealth, is a constant process, and it comes from the willingness of the heart.